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Error -7006 on HomePod

If you're privacy conscious, you probably turned on Advanced Data Protection on your Apple account. However, that might leave you in a bad spot with HomePod.

Ever get a -7006 when setting up a new HomePod?

Welcome to the club. There is apparently no one, at least accordingly to Google and Bing, that had this issue before. However, if your like me, privacy focused and turned on Advanced Data Protection (ADP) on your Apple devices, you certainly hit this, especially if you bought a HomePod Mini recently or had one that you just forgot to setup for a few months.

By now, the answer should be obvious. It's ADP, and your HomePod needs to be updated... but it can't, since you have ADP on.

P! The HomePod can't be updated until that is disabled since it requires a certain version.

So, quick fix:

Disable Advanced Data Protectio (click the link, I wont waste your or mine time repurposing authoritative docs).

Then onboard the new HomePod.

Then when your done, turn back on ADP!

That's it.

Now... hopefully Google or Bing find this so you can find it, since again, I'm the only one in the world whose had this -7006 error message...